With corporate headquarters in Suzhou, Jiangsu province, our company was founded in 1990. We manufacture a variety of products, including decorative and clear doorglass, wrought iron inserts, enclosed blinds and the doorglass unit frames.

Almost 100 craftsmen plus a professional management team, our decorative doorglass capacity can reach at 120,000 units annually. Products are manufactured from China and are sold through building material dealers, door manufacturers and home center retailers all over the world. For more information on its products ...
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Real hand-made wrought-iron grilles are permanently sealed between two pieces of tempered safety glass, to help maximize energy efficiency and make the decorative grills between the glass easy to clean. We offer 10 year warranty certificate.
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Hand-made triple insulated stained doorglass, each individual piece of beveled glass in the cluster panels is hand-cut and beveled, to maximize the brilliance and sparkle of the glass designs. Our products come with a 10 Year Warranty.

Our enclosed mini blinds are sealed between two glass panels, they are no dusting, no hanging cords, no swinging blinds, low maintenance, energy efficient, and reduce harmful UV rays while providing privacy for your home. It features a 10-year manufacture warranty.
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decorative door glass
decorative door glass
Decorative Door Glass
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